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Industrial Rope Access

Rope Access is as the name implies, an access method using ropes and climbing techniques to reach difficult areas. Rope Access allows for the performance of a wide variety of work at high elevations and other hard to reach areas without scaffolding or heavy equipment. Rope Access evolved from techniques used in rock climbing and caving to become an extremely safe and cost effective industrial tool. The Rope Access industry has compiled an exemplary safety record over 30 years and millions of man-hours.


NDT & Visual Inspection


Fabric Maintenance

In August of 2012,  Rope Access Technology USA joined forces with Owensby & Kritikos.  This brings together RAT USA's access expertise with O&K's extensive inspection capability garned over more than 50 years in business.  More information on the inspection offerings is available on O&K's website,   Our technicians are both able climbers, certified by SPRAT, and accomplished in their trades. This allows us to perform inspection tasks from simple UT measurements to complex surveys and maintenance work from small repairs to large scale welding.  Anywhere with an access need, we can be of assistance. For more information, please see the contact section.


Mechanical & Electrical Work